Flying Vespa Moped

Fast Ciao

⚡ New Electric Motorcycle Racing Series

New electric motorcycle racing series springs up in Southern California, cheap for you to enter! Have you ever wanted to get in on a bit of electric two-wheeled racetrack action but aren’t quite… Continue reading

Vespa Ciao 1967

Juicer e-motorbicycle

The Juicer e-motorbicycle From Hollywood Electrics Nice looking board track inspired electric bicycle. not bad. Top speed is nearly 40mph and range about 30 miles.  

Other Electric Moped / Bicycle / Scooter Designs

These are some of the electric moped / bicycle / scooter / whatever designs out there. There’s many more too, I’m sure. But here’s a few.

Electric Moped Transmission

For this project, the electric moped trasmission is just the vespa varaiated transmission. With some upgrades. A malossi varaitor and roller weights that work well with the electric motor. Only problem with this… Continue reading

electric moped coming together

After testing and tuning the electric moped, I took it apart to make a few improvements. Now it’s coming back together in a more finished looking way. There’s still some details to work… Continue reading

side covers

electric moped subframe work

I haven’t posted in a while but I have been working on a few things. I’ll be posting more progress now that I got some stuff lined up and in place. I’m using… Continue reading