electric motor mounting complete

holes were drilled, and the flange bearing is mounted. i figure i can just get a belt that’s the right size and not worry about the exact placement of the motor. so there it is. that’s where it’s gonna be. i have to cut down those long bolts. + they’re standard, not metric. too bad. but that’s the kind of bolt the flange bearing likes. i’m gonna have to figure out how to get those mounting nuts n bolts very thin and out of the way, so they won’t be in the way of the variator. hummmmm, i’ll figure that out later

here’s the mounting brackets. as always made from rusted cast out scraps of metal, un rusted, and formed to my desires.

now some more holes are drilled

and the brackets get bolted to the frame. hopefully helping to strengthen the frame, that’s starting to look more and more like swiss cheeses, and of course, hold the electric motor securely in place. if all goes as planned this motor will create quite a bit of  torque. so it’s gotta be in there securely and be quickly removable, if i need to take it out.