building the vespa gearbox

putting together another the vespa variated gearbox.  no malossi gears. just stock. i have acquired some of the parts from three different variated gearboxes. some of the gears are chipped and broken. one of the gearbox cases is destroyed and missing a bearing. but with all these parts, i was able to put together one working gearbox.

and ya know when you put these things back together. for me at least. it’s soooo hard to turn the thing. it’s so tight. then i put it in the wheel and with the leverage of the wheel i turn it. . .and clank! something falls into place. i don’t know what exactly. then it all spins freely.!? the gearbox is working. gaskets, washers? leave them in or out? try what works, make it the way it’s supposed to work first with all the washers and gasket. then put it in the wheel to see if you can make it spin. then maybe take some stuff out if you have to later. seems logical to me?