Simo Simo Nini Nini

look at this, fascinating! The Pistone got stuck in two places, top and bottom diagonal corners. The cylinder should be fine with some sanding. I don’t think there are any scratches, just aluminum… Continue reading

Pre Update Update

This is an update to let you know there will be an update full of mesmerizing photos comming in the next couple days. Also keep a look out for new links on the… Continue reading

Too BAD For Ciao

I did bring the ciao to LA. And LA claimed the life of the ciao.The cherished simonini engine seized. horrible!. Pictures soon to come.Should be salvageable with a new piston. we will see.This is… Continue reading

Ciao Photo History

 From it’s humble beginnings to the present. See the photo history for this devastating ciao. Get up close and personal with the Simonini engine. Unfortunately the ciao will probably not be going to… Continue reading

I know what needs to happen.

A cross bar will get welded in, All the other weak spots will get extra weld, where the gas tank meets the sub-frame and where the sub-frame connects to the rigid back. The… Continue reading

THis is my ciao page. CHeck it out, fast ciao!

Here is a fast ciao. Limited Muni Edition. • Simonini Engine • Simonini Pipe • 21 Dellorto • Malossi Variator • Malossi 4 Petal Reeds And some other stuff. It’s pretty fast right… Continue reading