hall sensors

the Honeywell SS411A hall sensors. you can see more about hall sensors here at endless sphere here you can see my excellent soldering skills Advertisements

some progress

i’m using the magura electric throttle. as far as i know the best and best looking electric throttle around. + some domino brake levers. long enough to reach around the throttle. + one… Continue reading

building the vespa gearbox

putting together another the vespa variated gearbox.  no malossi gears. just stock. i have acquired some of the parts from three different variated gearboxes. some of the gears are chipped and broken. one… Continue reading

electric motor mounting complete

holes were drilled, and the flange bearing is mounted. i figure i can just get a belt that’s the right size and not worry about the exact placement of the motor. so there… Continue reading

mounting the electric motor – part I

eyeball and draw rough pen lines on the frame cut openings on both sides of the frame to fit the motor. then position motor and flange bearing sort of where i want it… Continue reading

in the begining

it seems obvious to me. i don’t know why i haven’t seen one of these before. the future looks very clear in my mind. it’s surprising to me that this doesn’t already exist.… Continue reading

ciao power

http://www.ciaopower.de.vu   – new to me, here’s a vespa moped website from germany. thanks for contacting me! check out this impressive ciao build video and german ciao gangs on the loose! also, some… Continue reading

brake plates

the right brake plate for ebr hydraulics. not so easy to make work and have your wheel in the middle.

brake plates n cylinders

wrong brake plate for the bravo forks. this plate works with the EBR hydraulics. gotta find that other one i had, where did i put it? simonini engine still alive!

the bravo

the races are fast approaching! i got two bikes in pieces. if the peugeot is not done by the first race. i at least have the bravo, but i gotta put it together… Continue reading