the future is not far away


just when you thought . .

it’s an amazing wide world of mopeds out there. and just when you thought you might have seen everything there is to see. . . .there is more! take this. kinetic we happened… Continue reading

super bravo II

i didn’t know this existed. did you? the super bravo II. what is it? it’s a bravo. i had no idea. then i saw one on the streets of koln. it’s a manual… Continue reading

electric dream

visions of the future #1

some things to play with

some rad polini cup photos!

derek payne took some really great photos of the polini cup second race. here’s the link to all of em.


i took a spill on the last turn on the track and managed to land super hard on my right shoulder and i broke my arm! luckily the break is not too bad… Continue reading

moped spark plug

moped spark plug i found in one of my ciaos. and here is someone making extreme use of these plugs! wow!

variator clutch research