new race tool


wet race

rain. slow fast bike, broken frame, not starting, tuning, fouled plug, new tool box, welding with studs, people crashing, driving home, driving back, rain, big trophies for people that win, camping, leather, knees… Continue reading

pipe packing

the simonini vespa pipe that comes with the engine has rivets holding the baffle on. so you gotta drill those out. then it still doesn’t move? you can bash the end cap off … Continue reading

racer seat

needed a seat that wasn’t falling off and moving around. i dont have much time and im too lazy to make a seat from scratch. so i got this tomos seat here. i’ll… Continue reading

ciao crossing

more highlights from my sleep walking excursions through the vast hallows of ciao cross club. find more

vespa off road racing from italy

as you’ve seen on ciao cross club. they race caio, bravo, si . .any vespa moped. they race em off road! in the dirt! i would do this if i lived in italy.… Continue reading


some race photos from the 50s, 60s n 70s. 50cc race motorcycles, to get in the mood with. gettin high on race gas. red boots, vampires. see more here

race mode

going to the la race rally was so much fun. i had a chance to practice on the track. something i’ve never really done before. i got to try out a bunch of… Continue reading

playin with variators

here is my idea for using a doppler ER3 variator on the bravo. i want to have larger dual variator pulleys. stock size is 90mm diameter. i want to have at least 100mm.… Continue reading

holding things together

the italkit gilardoni reed block for derbi flat reed n things. it’s quite rad, but it’s casting is a bit shitty. i barely tightened it and the threading started to strip. so i… Continue reading