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Malossi Racing Gears

I got a new rear wheel. and it was already powder coasted black! of coarse it’s got a small dent in the rim. I may never have a true rear ciao wheel. But… Continue reading

Simonini Pistone

It’s here!. oh, I still got a bunch of other stuff to do. shoot. The Simonini Piston for the 100cc kit I siezed. treatshq to the rescue, thank you Mr. Simonini Next More… Continue reading

I Hate Tan

The vespa ciao is not Tan, it’s orange!


Special Order! Woahh Getting ready to rebuild the engine. . Slow progress


Bondo over the welds! Nice and smooth, well sort of.

Jah Ya

Jah Allah Ya!

This Sucks

I can’t seem to get a good 17″ rim. I have yet to make a true rear wheel for my ciao. I hate spoking wheels. And spoking vespa moped rear wheels is the… Continue reading

Euro Worthy

The cross bar is in! + weak spots welded up. around were the tank connects to the sub-frame and the sub-frame to the rigid back. Puch Magnum Forks shortened! I like the bigger… Continue reading

Soft Rock Smooth R&B Indie Jazz

Frame work coming up