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Flying Vespa Moped


Fast Ciao

Electric Moped Transmission

For this project, the electric moped trasmission is just the vespa varaiated transmission. With some upgrades. A malossi varaitor and roller weights that work well with the electric motor. Only problem with this… Continue reading


electric bravo frame work

bravo frame

the vespino rally – best vespa moped?

or maybe the best moped ever? hard to say. i’ve never seen one in real life. i’ve never ridden one. but look at it. it’s perfect. it’s a top tank vespa. it’s not… Continue reading

ciao style

building the vespa gearbox

putting together another the vespa variated gearbox.  no malossi gears. just stock. i have acquired some of the parts from three different variated gearboxes. some of the gears are chipped and broken. one… Continue reading

ciao power

http://www.ciaopower.de.vu   – new to me, here’s a vespa moped website from germany. thanks for contacting me! check out this impressive ciao build video and german ciao gangs on the loose! also, some… Continue reading